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What are the best when weekend ideas?

Throwing a successful hen weekend will take time, dedication, and organization. You can plan and execute your hen weekend within a month. Once you figure out what type of part you are looking for, then it will be much easier to organize.

What kind of hen weekend should you have?

Lovers Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of items that represent the leading ladies marriage or time with her husband. For an example, if they met at the beach, one of the items maybe a sea shell or something to that effect. Use your imagination and let yourselves go wild.

Spa Weekend or Night

This one is always a favorite. There are so many options like purchasing spa packages, renting a room, or staying home in preparing the best spa party ever. All you have to do is buy enough products to go on everyone. Try to do a little research on the guests to see what kind of products they require. You can purchase frozen drinks or bring out the blender. What is better than a few friends, a few drinks, and a few laughs on top of the most fun spa day ever.

Hobby Related Parties

Does the bride like arts, crafts, or gardening? There are many different activities that can be fun for all and productive. There are workshops with painting and wine or ceramics and wine if your friends want to enjoy a few drinks. Check your local area to see what’s available.

Wild Night Out

Most hen weekends are for the group of ladies to relax during the day and get wild at night. You can enjoy dancing, singing, drinking, and more. It could be years before you get another chance to let loose like this. It’s time to make it count! You may want to refrain from inviting the mothers to this one.